Seriousness, confidence, creativity…

My choice of life for the last fifteen years is deliberately geared towards respect for human beings and respect for nature

The creation of the workshop

My different lives and adventures have given me a solid foundation and knowledge of the plants that surround us; Agronomist in the countries of the south and in France, Farmer (manager of an organic vegetable company) in the southwest, and Trainer in the same fields.

After a year of training in self-taught floral design, through a Workshop (@Au jardin de Florésie) realized by the talented florist Laetitia Mayor, I decided to settle down as a freelance florist in the workshop.


LThe desire to go back on an entrepreneurial adventure, to work in a workshop, near my children, to exercise a creative work which allows me to realize myself as an active woman and mother, and finally the need to work in agreement with my ecological convictions …, these are all the reasons that made L’Atelier Chant de Fleurs possible in December 2019.


 It is the observation of the hatching of certain flowers at a certain time that gives me inspiration, so I try to combine colors, textures, and smells: grasses, « noble » flowers, wild flowers, flowers. garden, leaves, branches, berries and seeds…

Each flower arrangement
is imagined, and created
in harmony with the season!

An eco-responsible workshop


I am convinced of the necessary ethical reflection of my lifestyle. And it is by thinking globally under the sign of ecology, by articulating and organizing my different roles within this society that I move forward and make my decisions in conscience.


Thus, establishing a relationship of trust with my customers, my partners and my suppliers is a value that is close to my heart.

I agree to be transparent about how I calculate my prices for quotes and I agree to supply myself to suppliers and producers who share my values. 


My commitment to respecting the environment naturally leads me to use seasonal plants as raw material, to compost my plant waste, to use only recyclable packaging and to use materials other than synthetic foam.

Following this approach, I am creating a serious and lasting partnership with local producers. I have been a member of the French flower collective since January 2020. This means that I agree to use at least 50% French flowers in my compositions. 


Tourist structures are inevitably led to reflect on their practices and habits, faced with the imperative of ecological and social transition.

Sustainable development has become a guideline for all establishments involved in tourism.


Working with L’Atelier Chant de Fleurs means ensuring my overall approach that respects the environment and benefit from my experience in this field for almost 15 years.

photography @harrietteearnshaw, floral school @aujardindefloresie