Working WITH Others…

To read to the end because small #surprise at the end !!!!!


This week I want to talk to you about my way of working, not put myself forward, no it doesn’t interest me, I want to give examples that move forward.

And yes this Sunday, September 13, is the day of the market of #Prun’EllesCréatives, association of which I am a member, (I am secretary), which we have created to 5 funny ladies since July, in order to create events together, to support each other and to share experiences. The goal of course is to make themselves known in order to evolve the companies of each on the Agenais.

This kind of initiative, it gives me wings and more than when we manage to express our goals of life and our goals for each and that all this is respected it is so fulfilling and reassuring for oneself!

And yes because September 13th for me is my great son’s birthday, 8 years old and earlier I told you how I had thought about my life goals: I will not miss my son’s birthday for work!

I realized a real internal change, I decided to talk about my goals from the beginning to be clear and transparent with myself to be with others and it changes everything!!

So I won’t be here on Sunday, but my creations do! Because thanks to this great group, we manage to find solutions, the wind depot that will bring in I hope money for the association for future projects !!!

AND for the end of the year another association in the making with a very nice project, #poétique… in Penne d’Agenais…

and for October a creative project with someone who inspires me @claireelhuyar, I feel that our waves will mingle together and we will go higher !!!


I am a member of the French Flower Collective, it is a national group, which allows me to stay on standby on what is being done in France, and allows me to participate in joint actions to evolve the French horticulture sector.

And that also allows me to prove my good faith as an eco-responsible florist regarding the use of more than 50% of French flowers.


The desire not to be alone in my corner and especially the desire to progress, because I am convinced that it is thanks to others that we evolve and that we rise ever higher!!

“You always have to aim for the moon, because even if you fail, you land in the stars” Oscar Wilde

It is with great joy that I signed in June a partnership with the #gîtesdeFrance47, in order to offer workshops for the owners of cottages, to offer my services …

This is also why I started my activity in Incubator with the BGE47, never alone, always guided, training to follow, goals to achieve, and people who are listening during my moments of doubt!


I like to partner with others on Instagram for example by proposing to unite to do contests together, 2 new contests elsewhere will see the light of day September and December with great women inspiring!

With the chefs of the restaurants I work for, discussions and shares that always grow! I think of Benjamin Toursel, Michelin-starred chef at Moirax, ideas that fuse and share and that make me grow enormously!!

I also work with interior design shops such as Anne-Sophie from the @Lecoinsauvage in Agen, and Marianne Polgaire from @hello_madeco.

They allow me to question, stay in the trends and help to test my creations live!

Besides and this is the bonus of this week, I wanted to interview Marianne to discuss Deco of our interiors, you say?

So I asked Marianne Polgaire, manager of the Hello-Ma workshop shop in Villeneuve on lot, if she could answer a few deco questions! And she accepted with pleasure!!

– How can one describe the #Slowlife?

“It’s a natural trend, a return to raw material, while remaining modern, be careful where the objects or furniture come from, the manufacturing area.

Basically, it is a lifestyle, a philosophy of life that allows to reappropriate one’s home on a daily basis: each element finds its place without accumulation.

Each decorative object is reflected, and finds its place because it is consistent.

It is to consume better, to have an emotional crush, to the emotional: and to restore value to objects and to refocus the place of the creator and the craftsman.

Recognize the gesture of the person who created the object in question, in a word the soul of creation.

Be attentive to the feeling of natural materials, and to the trace of the gesture of the craftsman.

And then there are several trends from this return to the natural, trends that are offered with for example the spirit #softmood, (earth, ochre terra cota), natural colors like green that is close to the trend #jungle, bring green into the house … #wabi-sabi, to discover the colors cold and rather pastel, #zen, a sobriety in the house … Etc… »

  • In graphic design, which ones correspond to this philosophy?

“In graphic design, this is reflected in the use of basics: tiles, with simple stripes for example, a soft graphics: discreet but not classic: for example the mini patterns with dots … We then combine these simple graphics together, for example fabric wefts with wicker, rattan, Berber carpets… that can be arranged according to taste. »

  • What inspires you in your work?
  • “It’s a whole, textures, natural materials, it can be color in a field: 3 flowers for example that gives a hue, and the travels that inspired me a lot. The main theme of my travels has always been crafts: in Bali I took part in workshops in batik, weaving in Vietnam… baskets…. »
  • Thank you Marianne for all this info! @hello_madeco

And so it gave me an idea and inspiration all that; do you know the bogolans?

Literally in Bambara from the land, a fine example of travel inspiration with modern and simple graphics where the craftsman’s gesture is recognizable.

Let’s go to Ségou in Mali to discover some of these fabrics:

We brought back from Mali and Ségou in particular drapes, djembe covers and I immediately thought of these fabrics when Marianne told me about simple graphics that have meaning.

I hope you liked this article, comment and share your decorative inspirations, it makes me happy to read and exchange with you!