Where do my flowers come from?

My experience for 18 years …

My trips

Since I was 20, I have had an ecological awareness which has developed over the course of my personal and professional experiences < / a>. I started my career in the countries of the South, in Senegal, where the effects of the climate on populations and agriculture were already clearly visible in 2003. And in India, where the water resource , next to Pondicherry was problematic.

Upon returning from these long trips, I decided to turn 100% to organic farming to feed myself and eat less meat.

An installation in AB

In 2010, we set up with my husband on 13 ha in organic farming, market gardening and cereals, for 6 years, then I became a trainer in horticultural production, with an organic farming module for BTS.

I just want to put into perspective my professional and personal experience, my deep convictions, and my wish to work within my company l’Atelier Chant de Fleurs , respecting the environment. You can see that it does not date from yesterday.

Let’s get to the point

Let’s start with fresh cut flowers:

So I was a trainer in horticultural production in agricultural cfa.

From flower production to art …

I taught flower production there, in a BTS apprenticeship class. Visits being the best way to illustrate the words and notions seen in class, I therefore investigated and met producers of cut flowers in our department of Lot et Garonne, in order to take the classes concerned there.

I naturally relied on this experience to meet again cut flower growers in order now to work with them.

As I work on small quantities and especially since I have no stock in the zero waste perspective, for the moment I come to them.

Wholesalers …

In the future I found another solution in order to reduce my carbon footprint, there is a producer cooperative Rosedor in Ste Foy la Grande (of which some of my producers are part) which have tours in Casseneuil, with flowers from local producers, and French flowers, from the Var in particular. I also found a Floricash wholesaler in Bias who leaves every weekend on the coast and brings back flowers from the Var. Dorothée, L’atelier Coquelicot , the Casseneuil florist kindly offered me to place an order and be able to collect the flowers thus ordered from her home in her fresh room.

What flowers do my growers grow all year round?

Let’s start with the summer from June-July to around September:

The Gaec d’Aurioles in Bias (barely 10 minutes from my home) cultivates organic vegetables and cut flowers, a real chance for me to have them nearby !! I worked there in the summer of 2018, because I wanted to see the production of cut flowers up close! They are part of the Rosedor cooperative.

Their flagship flower of the summer is LISIANTHUS, (Eustoma grandiflorum) any colors you want here, a flower that holds up very well in hot temperatures, in the field as well as in a vase!

It is refined and elegant, I like it a lot because by its presence it enhances the bouquet with a beautiful texture and a beautiful port.

lisianthus de chez gaec d'auriolles
lisianthus AB

At Agnès Gatel in Soumensac, who produces cut flowers with her husband only and who is also part of the Rosedor cooperative, I can find there from June:

  • celosia, of all colors,
  • well-flowered double baby’s breath,
  • branches of eucalyptus which have a very beautiful bluish color at this time of the year because they are the young shoots.
  • du dill, a species of wild carrot whose stem takes pretty curved shapes, and lends itself very well to sectional compositions!

From October to February, March:

I can find at Cathy Cassany who is in Aiguillon, roses, lilies, statices, green trick (a carnation that stays green) alstroemerias of all colors.

lily, ornamental cabbage and alstromeria

In the Aurioles gaec, the snapdragon reappears in all colors, and the ornamental cabbages.

white snapdragon

At Agnès, buttercups are slowly arriving this season, then I get bored with the sweet scent of wallflowers, baby’s breath again and eucalyptus, snapdragons, a wide choice of pretty flowers until around the end of March!

my wedding bouquet with buttercups, love!

And in the spring

For Agnès, the same flowers, for Gaec d’Aurioles the snapdragons and peonies and for Cathy a lot of roses and in particular spray roses!

And in my garden, then! ?

I don’t remake myself, I love to sow and plant my flowers and my vegetables.

What I like about having flowers in the garden is this inspiration side, you look, and you cut live and imagine the association of colors … and then the flowers in a bouquet give volume, texture and really beautify I think!

This year in the garden, I had small snapdragons, zinnias, a few dhalias, fox tail amaranths, sweet peas, columbines, pretty scabiae, I love it!

I glean my foliage a lot, at home I have ivy and then a lot of trees with different foliage colors which allow you to vary.

I also glean viburnums in the spring.

I also cut mint and lemon balm as well as goat leaf, it holds very well and gives an English side!

And then I glean my fresh leaves, mimosa for example, and I go to look for wild carrots and yarrow. All this is organization and work!

And let’s continue with the dried and stabilized flowers:

As for dried flowers, I glean pampas, teasels, yarrow, solidagos (on an embankment in front of my house), wild carrots. the palm leaves come from my garden.

When I glean in a field, I always do it in broad daylight and without hiding! and for the pampas I ask the owners if it is next to a house. I spot the corners and I know all the plants around my house that I can use !!

I really like going for walks and then it makes an outing with the children too!

I then install them on the ropes that I stretched in my workshop or on a mesh pallet, if I want the flowers to take a flat shape, for wild carrots for example.

les fleurs qui sèchent à l'atelier
Pope’s money and sweet corn blossoms dry upside down!

I also dry baby’s breath and eucalyptus that I buy from Agnès, them in a bouquet in a bucket and they dry quietly.

Solidago, yarrow and wild carrots

This year I was lucky that my brother brought me lagurus (rabbit tail) from the Ile de Ré.

You should know that in France, it is quite difficult to obtain dried flowers, there are very few producers, and the cost is high, and especially it is seasonal, the stock is full from August -September to December. Thanks to French flower collective , I met Hélène Taquet who is president and who is a producer in the north of France. Another producer, the jardins d’Olha , and then with Rosedor, les fleurs du midi.

Dolphinums, statices, hélychrises, small dried flowers come from her.

And finally I get my supplies from a company that buys organic flowers that do not come all from France, especially Spain and that stabilizes these flowers.

The process is ecological and the glycerin used is natural.

All the stabilized plants that I use come from this company located near Montpellier.

It is not easy to provide dried flowers and ecological stabilized and above all I can not have everything when I want. and yes there is also a seasonality and we must take into account the cycles of plants!

I hope this article has given you more details as to where my flowers are coming from and I hope it will be clearer for you!