Melancholy, Nostalgia … Accept the rhythm of the seasons

When I was younger, accepting the start of the new school year was difficult, the end of summer, this season that I love so much, made me nostalgic …

And you do these emotions also reappear at this time of the year?

Accept the rhythm of the seasons so that it resonates with our mind and our body.

Confronted in a real situation with the cycle of the seasons for 8 years, where I was a market gardener, I learned to live with it and I learned to recharge my batteries during the good times!

Lunar cycles, feminine cycles, cycles of life … become aware of it and then lean on it to draw our energy, or on the contrary to rest …

A great discovery for me and which allowed me to see the arrival of autumn differently!

Use the energy of renewal to prepare for the year:

I love the idea of starting the year in September, after all, for decades of childhood this is what was happening!

At the moment my ideas are jostling and I decided to use all my know-how as a great organizer due to my training as an engineer !!

So let's go to plan until September 2021!

The collections, the highlights (Christmas, Mother's Day, spring …), the turnover objectives, my instagram posts, my post linked In, the projects for 2021 … brainstorming … all alone, but there is the idea !!

A frame, a compass …

Just thinking about it before that made me feel terrible, I'm more in the present moment and then the fact of leaning over it, of thinking, of laying flat, of programming, in the end it's very reassuring. It is predictive of course and I am not immune to an external event such as covid, but that …. is life !!

If you comment on my article, and if you're interested, I'm ready to share this spreadsheet with you!

Imagine the new collection for winter 2020/2021

Harmony and Balance

Are you familiar with rebranding? Reposition its brand according to its target and which may be accompanied by a name change …

I discuss with my clients, I question and I question myself …

Poll? What are your decorating trends, rather interior #softmood or #slowlife, cream, soft colors, #cocooning, I took the test on instagram @chantdefleurs, and it is rather this atmosphere that stands out …

Want to link this #decorationinterieure trend with my universe and my inner aspirations.

Who wants their life to be balanced, and harmonious? Raise your hand !!! yes I know I did not invent anything, but I am taking action!

I spin my brain, I decant it all and it all fits in my mind, I love this creative process, it's my fuel, I thrive!

I'm sure you will like it (hey yes I tested before, and the feedback is very positive!) And I am having fun preparing all this, it is that I aim high and I prepare nice projects!

In the meantime, some photos, such sweets … # supens

Comment and I offer you 5% on your next order on my site !;)

And … train again and again for a coherent project

Thanks to and real mines of quality information, at the moment my blog and my podcast favorites !!

And take great questioning from me … good hard at the time and after decision: I'm working on it!

So I realized that my pricing is not on top, and yes, you know the undervaluation of his work? The underestimation of what we create, yes when we think that the others always do better than you? …..

Well yes it is my case, not all the time, but this phase of research and inspiration to launch my new collection is very interesting to redefine my objectives and in particular salary …

Oh yes because I'm telling you, I intend to pay myself a salary with my company, and therefore calculate a fair price that allows me to pay my work as an artist, craftswoman, blogger, director marketing, community manager, website designer, photographer and more …

Quite simply, a businesswoman, #businesswoman …

I am therefore announcing in this article the increase in the prices of my creations, so not the tailor-made, my calculation is just for the quotes, because I take everything into account, but my calculation for the creations in small series the # wreaths dried flowers , flowery vials, #bouquetssecs … I will therefore include my salary, which I was not doing …

This new Harmonie et Équilibre collection will be under the sign of self-esteem, fairness and honesty!

So are you with me?

Otherwise, we'll meet again next week, same day, same place;)

With an article on collaboration and partnerships in the creative world, because together we are stronger !!

So have a good week and see you soon!


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