Follow the seasons to Plan Your Creations, The Ideal Rhythm.

Why draw the energy of the Reentry to plan its creations? I share my experience with you…

Accepting the rhythm of the seasons is synonymous with melancholy and nostalgia for me. What for? Simply because when the younger, when the end of summer came, it meant the end of a season that I loved so much! It made me nostalgic… I realized that we live in a natural rhythm of life with several stages like lunar cycles, female cycles, not to mention the cycles of life: from birth to death. They resonate with our mind and body. Faced in real life with the cycle of nature for 8 years – where I was a market gardener – I realized that following the seasons to plan his creations was the ideal pace to adopt. Thus, I can make you soft, bright and colorful floral creations. I learned to live with and recharge during the good times! So I share with you, my experience, my emotions and my feelings about it.

The arrival of autumn as a second spring

Autumn is like spring: it colours nature like a living canvas! Spring heralds the summer season as autumn prepares for the arrival of the winter season.

❝ Autumn is the spring of winter❞

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

All shades of autumnal colours such as yellow, red, purple, brown and green herald renewal.

The sun’s rays are always present and warm us gently. It is during this cycle of time that nature is full of energy with all the richness of the soil to face the cold, magical and festive season.

Our ancestors already used this energy of time and nature taking into account the equinox.

Nature regenerates at that time. The spring equinox is based on the external forces that push to act, while the autumn equinox focuses on the inner forces that lead to reflection and introspection. Or, a balance between day and night.

A beautiful discovery for me that allowed me to see and experience the arrival of autumn differently!

The energy of back-to-school: the breath of renewal

Building on the rhythm of the seasons, I learned to recharge and draw my energy in a balanced way thanks to the moments conducive to rest. As a result, I realized that every energy includes Strength and Resource. Each of them would be used according to my creations in harmony with my passion.

❝ Autumn is a wise season and good advice❞

Felix-Antoine Savard

I speak of the energy of back-to-school as the breath of renewal, because I take the opportunity to take a look at the rebranding of my floral art works

hop. Do you know that term?

In a nutshell, this method allows to restore the image and reposition its brand according to its clientele and its marketing strategy. It helps to take stock of its appearance and its mode of communication, or even a change of name or the evolution of a logo…

It is important to me to talk with you, I often question my clients to question me. Thanks to this stage, I offer renewal to my activity, including my creations!

I did the test with surveys on my Instagram account to find out your predictions about the decorative atmosphere. Quite simply, because I want to connect the interior decoration trend with my inner aspirations by showcasing my floral universe.

Follow the seasons to plan your creations: my choice

I chose autumn to start each new year of my activity. He’s in favor of sorting. It’s like cleaning up the spring.

I like the idea of starting the year in September. After all! For decades, it’s the children’s homecoming…


After I’ve had my brain macerated, I’m decanting all this! Everything is positioned in my mind and I am full of ideas.

I love this creative process! It’s my fuel and I’m blossoming!

Since all my ideas are jostling, I decided to put all my know-how as a great organizer, due to my training as an engineer, to use.

So, let’s go for the new year with the goal: plan all my creations until September 2021 according to the 4 seasons!

I find in my diary:

  • New collections
  • highlights (Christmas, New Year, the famous cake of the Kings “Epiphany”, the feast of lovers “Valentine’s Day”, Mother’s Day, spring and so many others…);
  • Revenue targets
  • my editorial schedule of social networks: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn;
  • 2021 projects;
  • my brainstorming, one-on-one mode!

The idea of planning flat allows me to have a frame like a compass to guide me. This does not prevent me from living day to day and enjoying every moment that life offers us. Not to mention to contemplate the landscape in all its forms.

In the past, just thinking about it, it was terribly scarred. Right now, I am more in the moment. Looking at the progress of my project by following the rhythm of the seasons, reflecting in the good times, laying down my ideas and programming my floral creations, I find it – finally – very reassuring! I am well aware, that I am not immune like you, from an unforeseen event like our monstrous Covid-19.

But that… That’s life!

Autumn gives birth to the new collection Song of Flowers: Harmony and Balance

I announce the birth of my new floral collection under the sign of self-esteem and honesty, while keeping my signature bohemian, chic and eco-responsible.

I baptized her, Harmony and Balance.

I have fun preparing all these creations. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Sure of me?

Yes, I did. I tested before and the feedback is ultra-positive! It’s something to be proud of. It’s that I aim high and I prepare you nice projects.

To explain the birth of this collection, I had to take some nice questions. Not so easy actually.

I want to thank Estelle Ballot, my favorite podcast and Melanie Jung, my favorite blog of the moment. These are real mines of quality information needed to put in place a coherent project.

It was there that I realized that my price calculation was not fair.

Do you know the undervaluation of his work?

Well, I’m right in it… The underestimation of what I create and this lack of self-confidence.

Can someone tell me, why do we have this unfortunate habit of putting invisible barriers? Like: others always do better than me…

❝Weed is always greener elsewhere❞

This phase of research and inspiration to launch my new collection are the key points that redefine all my goals and especially my remuneration.

Yes, transparency with you is one of my core values of my business. And that means paying me a salary with my company.

I want you to realize that by buying my creations you are helping to pay me my fair value. The one that corresponds to my work as an artist, a craftsman, a blogger, a marketing director, a Community Manager, a photographer and so on…

I am simply a Business Chef – #businesswoman – an entrepreneurial mom who likes to share her passion for nature through these floral creations.

Will you understand that?

I unveil the launch of the winter 2020/2021 collection “Harmony and Balance” with the announcement of the increase in the prices of my creations including my salary. What I didn’t do before: a nice mistake.

Create to the rhythms of the seasons and your emotions

The cycles of nature make me live emotions. These are all the more intense and relevant in the fall. Followi

ng the seasons to plan my creations is therefore essential in my opinion, from the time of renewal. This allows me to be in harmony with myself and to benefit from a powerful and natural energy!

And do you, these emotions also resurface at this time of year? Share your experience and your feelings in comment. If you’re interested, I’m ready to share this spreadsheath with you! Release your email on my contact page and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Little pleasure: by commenting on this article, I offer you 5% on your next order on The Little Shop.

Those who want their lives to be balanced and harmonious, then LEVEZ THE MAIN!

Let’s join, next week – same day, same place 😉 – for a new article. I will talk about collaboration and partners in the creative world.

I wish you a week full of emotion and I tell you next Tuesday!

Can’t wait to find you,


In the meantime, I’m sharing some photos, like mignardises. #supens