The new collection for fall

OR behind the scenes of the creation process

It’s summer, that sweet moment, where for a few years, … five years, I can finally take a break with my family and share good moments of discovery together.

Disconnect my brain which grinds too often and see something else …

We visited many villages in our region mixing old stones and plants and these images began to stay in my head.

I resumed my work smoothly, precisely to have time to work on my artistic signature and my specificity.

So I decided to stop looking at what was happening on Instagram, because we are necessarily influenced by these images and creativity suffers!

Indeed our subconscious works without our knowledge and I find that instagram and pinterest have a fault that of normalizing, and of declaring what is beautiful or what is less. And it’s human, I am tempted to create from what I saw that pleased. And I think my creativity is thus biased …

Sorry for the colleagues, but this moment of introspection was important to me.

I know very well that I did not invent anything but in my creations I want people to feel that it is indeed me who thought of that, and that my gestures and choice of plants come from my state of spirit of the moment and not the copy of what is already done!

I worked on my life and how I see and apprehend it. A little bit of this is explained on the first article, eco-responsible florist, with the presentation of my goals.

I seek and work every day to achieve inner harmony and balance, in order to be in this state of communication with the people around me and my environment.

It is therefore quite naturally, with this method of thought, that I managed to think about this new collection that I want to call Harmony and Balance.

Natural colors, soft tones, plants that are round and silky, textures that make you want to cuddle …

My source of inspiration, quite simply the observation of my garden and the taking of photos of squares in macro, stones, different bark of trees, grooves of leaves … When I was very little I would lie down on my stomach in the grass and I focused my eyes on these little worlds, and I wanted to connect all that!

These photos have very mineral, very vegetal tones, different textures and remind us that we are part of this nature, and celebrating it is so important!

I also want to work with other people for this collection including Claire Elhuyar, ceramicist, interpreting and inventing, creating together, it’s exhilarating!

Finally I would like to share my love for these zen poems, these sentences coming to us from South East Asia, full of wisdom and which very often reflect what I think, but so well written !!

Share with you these reflections, this path of life and pass it through my creations so that at home, while contemplating the floral composition, your mind settles and calms down …

Quite a poetry!