The immortal with bracts

Focus on
Xerochrysum bracteatum helichrysum or golden sun

Not to be confused with the yellow-colored Italian immortelle plant-curry, used for essential oil in hematomas, or inflammations and with healing properties.

I’m showing it to you, the one that’s 150 years old deep in the herbarium of my great-great-grandfather.😉

Helichrysum italicum

The immortelle with bracts, or “strawflower” as the English call it, previously carried the name of Helichrysum bracteatum, but today, it is appropriate to say Bracteantha bracteata.
You will have understood it full complicated names! 😵😊

It is also from the asteraceae family like Achilles, see previous post!

Native to Australia, perennial there and annual here because it freezes, the immortelle is grown in full sun in a rich, cool and well-drained soil.
Introduced here in the 19th century for a purpose ornamental 💐😍
Too beautiful in the garden and it is melliferous!

The immortelle with bracts has medicinal properties. In 2000, Indian researchers showed that it contains hispidulin, a molecule with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


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