Flowers and human emotions
Flowers and human emotions

According to Nicolas Guéguen, PhD in Psychology,

Flowers do have an impact on the behaviour of human beings and do they seem to increase tenfold on the female gente (social effect? Educational? ): Anyway, the good mood effect of flowers and plants is real and proven!

It is therefore relevant today to revisit some “old” ideas, neglected because too simplistic, but good humor, feel good to work, or to live simply, the desire to work and be productive would not pass simply by greening the space and flowering it??

In Neanderthals, traces of pollen from flowers in the tombs provided evidence that flowers accompanied the deceased.

Also, researchers believe that flowers, because of their variety of shapes, colors and smells, would have been perceived as having a property of translation of the different emotions that Man feels like joy, sadness, love and, for this reason, would have been cultivated and used to translate these emotions or accompany emotional events of our existence.

According to Haviland-Jones and his collaborators (2005), flowers have this property of immediate activation of emotions.

Flowers may have been natural components of the concept of beauty. However, humans differ from other species in their ability to consider a number of things that are not essential to their survival because of their ability to activate positive sensations and emotions.

The mere fact of being exposed to flowers could be enough to awaken these emotions and sensations, and would explain such behavioral effects.

photography @harrietteearnshaw, Foral school @aujardindefloresie

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