Creativity, how much does it take in the face of the countless images available on networks?

What does it mean to be creative?

“Power of creation, of invention.” I start from a definition found on the internet. I am curious, 🧐 I will see in the dico: “capacity of invention, of imagination.;”

Mmm…. not so satisfying as 🤨

Power? good anyway do not exaggerate! 😃, ability yes I take, maybe it’s better said!

In fact what I think is that we all have in us, human beings this ability to dream, reflect and create from what we have in mind.

It’s just that there are people who practice more than others.

And that’s a second point, to practice… because I think the more you create, the more imagination and desire you have. 😏

And the influence of networks in all this?

Yes but, you will tell me there are so many of us on this earth we have already invented everything…?!

And then networks and pinterest, instagram, trends, influences how to stand out from all this?

😋That that’s what I’m getting at… With all my humility and humbly, I know that when I have an idea in mind, there is a good chance that someone has already had this idea.

However, if I create in my own way, if I put myself in it, as I am unique, then maybe that’s the key! 🙄

How do I do that?

Here I give you my experience, 😄 and my reflections on the subject. At first I surfed the networks and watched what he was doing. What trends, what fashionable flowers, what styles, what types of creations…

I started to create bouquets that didn’t look like me, it wasn’t my paw! I realized that my brain was influenced and difficult to create with what I had in me.

I stopped looking at all this, because I’m not interested in copying, even if sincerely since the dawn of time we are inspired by what has already been achieved, it’s normal after all! 🥰

In short, my method, let me wander, give way to boredom, let the brain work unconsciously.

Inspired by nature, colors, textures, smells, cycles, mineral, plant, sky 🌿🌻🥀🍂🌞⭐🌈. That’s why I made a mini collection of square photos in macro mode of leaves, stone, bark, it came to me like that one day after letting it decant to find my common thread of the new collection.📷

I use nature photos and interior design photos found in decorating magazines. I mix both with how I feel inside me, and how I feel about the current environment. What came to me were the colors a little cold, bluish, grayed, white and the desire to regain serenity. All this led me to work on wreaths, bouquets and vials in a simpler, more refined, no-frills way, go for rest, calm and the need for refuge from what we went through and the name of the collection simply “Harmony and Balance”.

I gave myself material, I let my unconscious work and I gave myself a deadline to create, and when the time comes, I refocus my ideas and I let my hands do… 🖐👐

For customizations and customization it’s the same process and in this case it’s you who give me material!! 😁