Return of experiences, focus at the end of September 2019

Workshop at @aujardindefloresie in Burgundy, Saône and Loire, in my childhood department!

I encourage you to read to the end because there are nice things at the end!

ONE YEAR already!

And yes, a year ago, I made the decision to participate in this workshop, in Burgundy, located more than 6 hours from my home now.

Organization for children and my husband, which is not so simple, but when I make a decision, nothing stops me… finally if life of course or death!

Located in a very cute village, near the walks in the vineyards that we did on Sundays at the same time to see the pretty colors of the leaves turn orange, yellow, red …

Beautiful stones, flowers, encounters all I love!

A shyness invades me, when I arrive on the first day and I pass the big door of this barn, and this vision of these pretty tables arranged, of these little attentions that await us, my heart beats and I am so delighted and impressed, it is Laetitia Mayor, there in real !!!


And day 1 begins, reception of flowers, preparation, launch.

The first gestures to learn, the bouquet spin and buttonhole, bracelets and crowns. fresh flowers.

Intense days of learning and know-how, we learn, we start again, we test, we let go, the result is not always up to what I would like but I feel that I am in my place, in the right place, at the right time, and that I hold something that is just waiting to flourish,

Have you ever felt that way? When it’s in my heart, in my skin like that I’m sure of myself and I know I can get started!

Then day 2, center table, structured bouquet … how to highlight his creations …

These are bases, suggestions that are just waiting to be developed afterwards and appropriate.

I think I learned everything that week. Just remember, put into practice, do it yourself… Quality training! Oh, really!

A professional photographer harriette earnshaw came to photograph us and flowers of course! Because if I learned something well it is that the image today is so important … and surrounding yourself with talented photographers is essential to reveal our floral creations!

Shootings are an indispensable communication tool, this is the theme of my next article!

Apotheosis of the workshop on Day 5

After preparing the flowers in the workshop; we come to the site at the castle of Varennes, to flower the marriage of an American couple.

Installation of flowers on the floor for the ceremony in the chapel, installation of an arch, then setting up the cocktail, and dinner.

The course of the day, with its unforeseen, its stress strokes, its joys, its whispers not to wake the guests, in short a moment full of energy, for real and in a situation to show us what it is really to bloom beautiful weddings!

Unbelievable, under the guidance and vision of Laetitia, the result is just beautiful and stunning!

Experiencing these kinds of experiences

It is giving yourself permission to believe in it and seeing that it is possible; It is to give yourself the chance to participate in something big and beautiful, which turns into a springboard to jump on its path and evolve, to see in a big way one’s life, to live the one you dreamed of!

Photos to illustrate: because it’s hard to describe everything and look it’s good too!

Photograph: Harriette Earnshaw

Floral School: Floresie

Wedding planning and Design: Jennifer Fox Weddings

Venue: Chateau de Varennes

Rentals: Joli Bazaar

Gown as Monique Lhuillier

Beauty: Anagen Workshop

Stationary: Darling and Pearl

Florals: Florésie