Large tailor-made dry bouquet




A touch of flowers on the furniture, a little corner of greenery, the beauty of nature …

Bringing a touch of poetry to yourself, in your interior, is to do yourself good and bring you well-being and happiness, which in turn shines on our morale and our mood.



The large tendril bouquet of dried flowers is approximately 30 / 35cm in diameter and 40cm high.

Eco-responsible florist, the dried flowers used come from my French producers, from my gardens and / or gleaned, they have been dried in my workshop, quietly since spring, in dry weather, in order to keep all the shine of colors.

Preserved flowers are organic and the process used is ecological. Vegetable glycerin replaces the sap of these and freezes them.

For more information on the origin of the flowers, read my article: https: //



On the photo it is composed of eucalyptus, lagurus, broom bloom, lavender, statice, delphiniums.

It is wrapped in recycled tissue paper and surrounded by a square of burlap.



In order to best preserve and store your bouquet, it is best to find a place where the sun does not directly shine its rays on the flowers. A dry place is also recommended.

Under these conditions, they are therefore doomed to be pretty durably 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, however the radiance of the colors may decrease over time .., a little blow of the hair dryer from time to time will allow dust to disappear from the floral creation.



The bouquets are unique: when ordering, click on the bouquet and add the colors you prefer. If you can't find the color you want, email me an inspiration photo and I'll be happy to satisfy your request, I love the tailor-made!

I am sending you a confirmation photo, in order to make sure that your request is fully understood.

Then I send you the bouquet well packed, within 48 hours or you pick it up in one of the points of sale of 47!

Non contractual photo.


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