FLORISSA The flower vials, like a visual poem

The flowery vials, composition of dried and stabilized flowers inside, like a visual poem…



FLORISSANT, a visual poem

A floral and poetic touch on the furniture, or the table set, a small corner of greenery, the beauty of nature…

To bring to oneself, in its interior a touch of poetry, is to do good and bring us well-being and happiness, which radiates in return on our morale and our mood.


The flowered vials are sold by 2 a small 7 cm high and a larger 13 cm in height.

Eco-responsible florist, the dried flowers used come from my French producers, from my gardens and/or gleaned, they have been dried in my workshop, quietly since spring, in dry weather, in order to keep all the brightness of the colors.

The stabilized flowers are organic and the process used is ecological. Vegetable glycerin replaces the sap of these and freezes them.

For more information about where the flowers come from read my article:https://atelierchantdefleurs.fr/la-provenance-de-mes-fleurs-ecologiques/


In the photo they are composed of the pope's coin, pampa, stipes, gypsophile.


The vial protects the flowers. However, there needs to be a place where the sun's rays do not directly illuminate them.

Under these conditions, they are therefore doomed to be pretty for a long time 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, nevertheless the brightness of the colors can decrease in time.., a little hairdryer from time to time will allow the dust to disappear from the floral creation.


The vials are unique: when ordering you specify to me in message the colors you prefer. If you can't find the desired color, email me an inspirational photo and I'll make sure to satisfy your request with pleasure, I love the custom!

I will then send you a photo to be sure of my understanding of your request.

Then I send you the well-packed vials within 48 hours or you pick them up at one of the 47th outlets!

Non-contract photo.


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