20s style floral combs


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A floral touch on your hair, discreetly for D-Day, or for your witnesses or bridesmaids.

A wedding under the sign of sobriety, communion and the happiness of sharing magical moments with loved ones. A marriage that has meaning and the most important of which is to come together to experience this wonderful moment together. Choosing consistency and respect for nature means respecting ourselves and our loved ones around us.

“Incense, flowers and lamps are not the best offerings to the Buddha. The best gift to the Buddha is good for sentient beings. "



Combs are in sets of 2.

Eco-responsible florist, the dried flowers used come from my French producers, from my gardens and / or gleaned, they have been dried in my workshop, quietly since spring, in dry weather, in order to keep all the brilliance of colors.

Preserved flowers are organic and the process used is ecological. Vegetable glycerin replaces the sap of these and freezes them.

For more information on the origin of the flowers read my article: https: //atelierchantdefleurs.fr/la-provenance-de-mes-fleurs-ecologiques/



In the photo they are composed of eucalyptus, ranunculus, delphiniums and ferns.



In order to preserve and preserve your accessory as well as possible, it is preferable to find a place where the sun does not shine directly from its rays. A dry place is also recommended.

Under these conditions, they are therefore doomed to be pretty durably 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, however the radiance of the colors may decrease over time .., a little blow of the hair dryer from time to time will allow dust to disappear from the floral creation.


The floral accessories are unique and tailormade: when ordering, you tell me the colors or flowers you would like. I will then send you a photo of the accessory that you validate or not, it is of course possible to make alterations.

Then I send you your well-packaged flowered accessory or you pick it up in one of the 47 points of sale!

Non contractual photo.



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