My bouquets at

“A decision taken promptly often triumphs. Hesitation is often a source of failure. Lu Xuoxun.

This Chinese proverb can perfectly relate the state I am in when I discover on Instagram an invitation to this week-long pop up at

The decision was made quickly and the yes triumphed of course! It is with immense pride and joy that I announce that my creations: posie’s in dried flowers, bouquets of all colors and sizes to brighten this atmosphere, vials, to decorate a table or a shelf full of books …. are at 9 rue de l’e-scalded- Paris 6th – at all week until Saturday.

The fruit of a rigorous work every day with emotions in the teeth of saw but when this kind of project arrives, we can only say THANK YOU!

And keep going!…

So go ahead, go to the shop, and I think of my jeanne cousins @jeanneguittet, @aliceguitt, my sister’s girlfriends @benedicte_voyer who by the way will put up all these bouquets, a big thank you too!

At my marraine…@mariepouchot finally you will have understood in Paris, the family is big and comes from there.

My brother’s friends also @thibautguittet, @studioalicecozon, finally make noise, advertising, support us, the artists, the creators!

My grandmother made me discover every summer the most beautiful museums and I confess that this city delights me as much as it scares me …