Mum loves flowers and what a joy to go into the shop of “Luce flowers”, that special smells, scents, colors …

I come with all the savings of the siblings and together with Luce we talk about the big and beautiful bouquet that she will make, what flowers?
What colors?
I stay a little and watch her do, how beautiful and what a pleasure to offer this beautiful bouquet for Mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day during the month of May!!

Placed on the table, it offers us pleasure to all in the house!
Eye pleasure, olfactory pleasure, it gives us energy!

And good humor!

And then this memory remains buried but not so much since I turn to biology, then agronomy and it is always the plants that fascinate me, this world there very close to us and of which we know almost nothing!

So I grow these beautiful plants, I respect them, they give me so much! My practices are obviously from environmentally friendly agriculture (organic, biodynamic…) and I flower the space and my environment, it gives me the courage and beauty and optimism to work with my vegetable plants … then I become a trainer and I teach others to take care of these beautiful flowers and plants while respecting them, for me that’s the important thing.

And then that memory comes back; and the house overflows with my bouquets, every week and it makes me feel good in the heart, in the mind, the appeasement …

New project, new energy, in my place, here, now.
Flower song-flower workshop, freelance in floral design for professionals and individuals (on order).

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