Flower hat

I like to wear a hat, for the summer to protect myself from the sun but also in the winter to protect myself from the cold. I love the elegance and refinement of dried flowers so I tried to flower my hat and the result is rather satisfying even I dare say pretty!

This project I have in mind since last year so I’m going!

So it’s decided I offer it for sale on my shop, a hat that you have in your wardrobe, that you want to flower and customize or order a personalized hat with your favorite colors and flowers, I’ll be delighted to create it for you!

Always respecting the environment as an eco-responsible florist and part of the French flower collective, I use dried flowers in my workshop, which I grow or glean, flowers from French producers and flowers stabilized in an ecological way, for the maintenance of colors, all this is worked together and gives this result!

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