Eco-responsible florist, understand.
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Why eco-responsible florist, why say it?

In fact all this comes from afar, since my childhood as far back as I can remember, a question: but why don’t adults do things properly and why don’t we respect the earth as a whole??

I want to understand how life exists, how the earth was formed and biology and earth sciences give me answers…

Then I settled in organic farming and my youthful spirit pushes me to be vindictive and prove that I am right, in 2010, mentalities begin to change but it’s not won!!

Today, I calm down a little and instead of asking everyone to do as I do, I follow my convictions myself already, then my family then.

I have this global vision of respect for humans, of the earth, of nature, we are a whole. So I try to apply in my profession my convictions, the cycle of matter, to ask the question of the management of this waste there, how long will it pollute our planet?

But I no longer claim I do it that’s all.

So instead of using an oasis floral foam, I use hen mesh which can be recycled and tightened several times.

I use packaging that can go into compost or be used for something else, kraft paper, burlap, and I use as little as possible.

I am looking for producers not far from my workshop Agnès Gatel, Cathy Cassany, Emmanuel De Bernis, for seasonal and local flowers.

And then I compost all the rest of the plants, I dry myself what I glean.

I would like to have a flower garden also to complete a little, small rarities …

and then I’m a mom before all this and I respect my children, I live what!!

I have one life and it is filled with many things and it all forms a whole and a whole that I like to contemplate and respect the balance!

eco-responsible florist
eco-responsible florist
illustration: @thibautguittet

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