Eco-responsible florist??
Garden Arums

I chose this word eco-responsible because it is beginning to be used and taken up by several florists and therefore more and more people are reading it and starting to recognize it. And this compound word seems the most appropriate to define how I see my job, however I don’t like to put people in boxes, and it would be reductive to define myself that way!

So I decided to explain my way of thinking and why I use this term!


Behind this word, eco-responsible, what I put there is a way of life, in accordance with my ecological convictions, in accordance with the respect of all living beings on this earth. What I look for in my life is inner balance and harmony with the people around me.

I consider life to be an All, and “compartmentalize” for me does not make sense, I give you an example: my professional life, my family life, my life as a woman, my life as a mother… no, I’m all at once !!!


Being a florist is a professional conversion, to arrive at this decision I went through a whole journey.

Come on I’ll tell you!!

I don’t start until 2008 because before I traveled well and that’s another story!!

After eight years of market gardening in organic farming including six on my own (with my husband), with the birth of Lucien in 2012, then the decision to sell and stop this activity, and finally directly after this experience, three years as a trainer in CFAA, a second birth in 2016, our Samuel in parallel…. You see that the imbalance !!!?


Then…. yes in 2018 I decided to stop working and take a break! Breathing, rethinking my priorities and refocusing were what I needed to continue my life in “harmony” and not in “the suffering”.

There are signals that don’t deceive! Stuck from the back several times, colds and rhino-pharyngitis repeatedly … Since I stopped working, my body thanks me!


Looking back on my past experiences allowed me to point out what was wrong with my life.

And as always, (not overnight, I reassure you!!) I followed my little voice, the one that refocuses me and that when I listen to it allows me to continue my dreams and fulfill them!

So because I like to be rational and like to reuse what I’ve learned, I took a paper and a pencil and built and wrote my goals of the moment (in November 2019).

I used the mental map method, I’m very visual!

I’ll show you:

Meanwhile as we do not do it again I still carried out an agronomic study on a territory in Kenya (staying at home!) and followed a program of validation of skills to undertake. As you will have understood, I like to get involved in tasks that make sense and that are close to my heart, this point is very important in my life!

What was certain in any case was that to be on my own is missing and thanks to my goals laid down on paper, I was able to regain serenity in relation to my needs and accept them.

This tool is a compass for me, as soon as I feel that something is wrong I take my drawing, I connect and I ask myself the question: is this choice part of my goal?

The purposes well laid, now find the activity allowing me to make choices in accordance with my basic needs.

But the idea didn’t come… independent trainer in organic agriculture?, agronomy consultant? Coach in organic gardening?

it didn’t vibrate inside… Do you understand I’m sure?!


Having a garden is a choice and we did everything to find a house with a large garden where the vegetable garden could find its place.

And for the past five years it has thrived, and gardening has been a part of my life!

I have always grown flowers there, when I was a market gardener too, and I was already creating bouquets with flowers and foliage that I had on hand to offer and please when we were invited.

And besides, I took a lot of pleasure in it and I really liked this feeling of fullness. A space and universe of creation was open to me, with infinite possibilities!

A friend once said to me, “They’re really beautiful on your bouquets and it’s nice that it’s garden flowers, you should sell them!” And to offer me to take bouquets for the end of the year for his dance teacher, for a birthday … beyond making it my business. ?!

“Ha yes good I do not know” and yes the confidence and the “morally or socially acceptable” for an agricultural engineer, it takes over pretty quickly!

But the idea has gone slowly… I saw it as a thread that connects all my experiences and passions:

From biology, drawing to botanical courses, my thirst to learn about the interactions between living things, insects, plants and my keen interest in Earth-friendly agriculture, courses in floral production created for the BTS class of which I was a trainer and finally my need for creativity that I wanted to find and reappropriate. Always looking for balance and especially the balance between the right and left brain.

And one day by cutting in transparency a cypress, the evidence and the assurance that it is there, I held it! ….The beginning of a complete project, which makes me vibrate, that blossoms me, that allows me to stay with my children and my husband and that allows me to build it as I want with my choices so that my life is balanced and in harmony with my convictions!!


Yes then work with flowers, well, you are of course aware that floral production is quite controversial from the point of view of the phytosanitary products used, and knowingly since I was teaching floral production to my apprentices and precisely I was working a lot with them biological control (with insects!) this will be another topic of article!

And then the production basins, in Holland, Ecuador, Kenya… not the next door …

Suffice to say that the hesitation overwhelmed me!

How with all the environmentally sound I had done, I could get to that point?

I had to find solutions to be in tune with myself, and of course there are!

I went to the slowflower, on Instagram, talking with American women, with English women and discovering the emergence of the movement with the collective of the French flower, and of course I joined and I am a member today of this collective.

And then my past as a trainer served me to go and meet in another way the producers of cut flowers of my department and beautiful relationships of trust were built.

We discussed their practices as well and I welcome the positive development of respect for the environment!

The movement is growing and it feels good!

It is therefore at the beginning of the adventure a desire to connect my deep convictions, “respect the environment” and find solutions so that this profession is eco-responsible and not the other way around!

In search of consistency…



Let’s go back to the vegetable garden! This image above shows our vegetable garden in mixture of flowers and vegetables.

What’s that to do with my job?

Just looking for consistency of my daily actions.

We eat Organic, I go to the organic market every Wednesday morning in Villeneuve/lot to buy products from local producers. It’s a must on my calendar!

We eat less meat and the one we buy is organic and comes from producers in Lot and Garonne.

The remaining grocery store, I go to biocoop, I still have inconsistencies because I buy chocolate, rice … who doesn’t come from our house… !

So every year we prepare our vegetable garden to have as many vegetables as possible, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, garlic, onions, salads, cabbage, sweet corn, leeks, beets, carrots, squash, green beans, peas, physalis, strawberries, turnips, radishes. mixed with flowers to use in my bouquets, or dry them.

A no-brainer, and a primary need, and yes as I told you it marks the market gardening for 8 years!!

And the ritual every year in August, the preparation of grout for the winter reserves.

A garden, in the idea of permaculture in the very broad sense, to the point of imagining a profession that respects the being in what it is, in its creativity, in rest, in its needs, in the cycles of life…

I love this image of the inner garden and cultivating it, it’s a beautiful metaphor!


I am a mother, too, and I want to show my children that I am thinking and through my actions, I want to leave them an environment where they can flourish and with respect, live as they see fit.

Having time with the children to teach them a way of life, for me it’s also part of that eco-responsible word.

Holidays for example, for us, it’s our home and we enjoy our beautiful department, yes we drive with the car, but we consume local, it’s not always easy to match everything!


Toddlers I breastfed them for 2 years each, we decided and made a choice for deliveries, smoothly at the maternity without peri-dural.

We accompany them in their development and learn every day from them, their strength and energy transcend us!


I am convinced that our body sends us signals when the balance is lost!

I also consider our body to be a whole, taking care of it, taking care of it is good for our brain!

During my 8 years as a market gardener in organic farming, I discovered that my body adapted to my daily efforts, transport of loads, long-term posture.

A balance was created and I had to remedy the absence of all these movements that I had on a daily basis, once this activity was over…

During my PAUSE, I did a new sport and created a little ritual every day in the morning, a little yoga session to relax and let my thoughts go wherever they want!

And deep abs to find my body, to refamiliarize with after my second pregnancy.

This morning time helps me a lot to start the day!

Mind-body balance is one of the keys to health for me! And if there is an imbalance that appears I think about the cause and we mainly use essential oils and a super technique the accupressure to heal!

It is this set of decisions and choices that belongs to me and that has allowed me to move slowly towards my profession today, which I embody with conscience and that I assume.


Enjoying the present, nature, my children, my husband and working in that spirit makes me happy.

Behind this eco-responsible word you will have understood for me there is a whole range that represents my life, and represents how I see my work.

My actions bear witness to my sincerity, so you can trust me about the quality of dried flowers, fresh flowers, stabilized flowers. It’s in my way of life I can’t do otherwise, I always think about the scope of my actions and therefore my purchases!

What I create I do with respect, with love, with responsibility and I want to bring you beauty so that in you the emotions felt by looking at my creations, bring you happiness and serenity! And I want to take you on the path of balance and harmony, I’m sure flowers have that power!!

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