Dried Flowers and Botanical

New year, New inspiration Herbarium of 1870

I love this process of creation, when the idea slowly sprouts in my head and a lot of facts or things in life converge on the same focal point and now it’s time to look at it!

The story that catches up with me!

As for the creation of the harmony and balance collection where I shared with you an inspirational photo of rocks, tree bark, leaves … and which led me to the creation of the photo shoot with Julie brichet, I want to proceed in the same way, because I find it interesting to leave a trace of the progress and instagram allows to explore and experiment!

I left when my grandmother died, the week before our marriage in February 2020. She left at 98 years old and she was recently in a retirement home after a long and busy life!

About six months later, my family found an old herbarium certainly belonging to Félix Valmont le grand- father of my grandmother, born in 1852 and doctor.

Hence the age of the herbarium … more than 120 years … approximately … My family immediately thought of me, of course I said yes to welcome them !! < / p>

Les boîtes contenant les précieuses

Virginie, a plant enthusiast

I have been passionate about plants since I was little and my dream job was to become a botanist! When family histories overlap …

I did botany internships at the age of 20 and I was passionate about this subject! But I was told it’s blocked …

So I changed my desire to become agronomist . So I practiced less after my studies and we quickly forget the names, I fell back into it several times during my various jobs still related to plants but especially for wild and non-horticultural species.

And then by being a trainer in CFA I went back to it this time for horticultural species and it gave me back the taste and desire to “KNOW & nbsp;”.

Even if I am more inclined to go looking for information when I need it than to be a well of knowledge …

The power of plants, their properties, that’s what interests me!

Their use in the garden in liquid manure for example, or in medicine, I find it fabulous and immensely rich and connected to the universe. Putting ourselves back in our place as human beings among other living beings!

Achillea millefolium (Prelude)

So I’m going to tell you about a plant that I particularly like. I use it a lot in bouquets, I pick it up at home where I try to set it up but where it is the prettiest is on the roadsides and I know a corner that is full of it! Achillea millefolium (and many other names ..)

Achillea millefolium from my dried garden

Protection against bad influences

In the language of flowers, a sprig of yarrow is a wish for healing and relief.

Achillea nana dried in my grandfather’s herbarium

I dry large loads from May-June to the end of July, I have even seen some blooming right now but the rain is damaging them, mushrooms are developing …

A little botany

It is a compound, like the daisy for example, because there is the presence of tiny flowers in inflorescence, grouped together in a head called a corymb, because the flowers are aligned horizontally, like a flat cluster.

Its name comes from Achilles who used it to heal wounds, indeed it is a hemostatic plant, it stops the flow of blood. Applied as a poultice (herbal tea from the flowery parts), it is anti-inflammatory and healing.

In medicine

In internal use, it is a plant friendly to women … its herbal tea relieves menstrual pain as well as digestive abdominal pain. Inhaled, it will also have a good effect in the treatment of respiratory tract infections (colds, sore throat …). It has many other “powers” studies on the subject have found no less than 120 chemical compounds … and 82 essential oils. However, be careful with children and pregnant women for the use of essential oils and herbal teas. No danger in homeopathy, it also exists!

Small story, we put a bag of seeds in the bottom of some barrels for the conservation of wine …

Plant Alchemy and Poetry

DO YOU SEE the gold from these urns
Escape these flower spirits,
All soaked in nocturnal perfumes,
All dressed in fresh colors?

These are not idle ghosts
Created by deceptive art,
To give body to the aromas
Let our lawns deliver to the wind.

Not every atom of matter
By a spirit is inhabited;
Everything smells, and the whole of nature
Is only pain and pleasure!

Extract from« Les esprits des fleurs » by Alphonse de Lamartine

On the spiritual and physical level: it is purifying

When we live in an atmosphere that is not benevolent or polluted by negative energies or by particles, the preparation of a lotion based on elixir of yarrow that we brush on the skin every day will make the skin less permeable to pollution (it protects and it is an active tonic) and the Aura will be less sensitive to malice.

Tradition has made the yarrow a plant of love, a plant of true love, and to find true love, above all, you begin with loving yourself. In all its aspects, no & nbsp ;?

Like the image of compost: what must rot, dissolve, also fertilizes what is in the process of becoming. Integrate its dark side. Knowing how to contemplate and welcome her weaknesses, her demons, that is perhaps what she has to teach us.

Would meditating next to a bouquet allow it?

So, ready to work with yarrow to spread your vision serenely face to life? and thus to perceive death serenely as the end of the natural cycle?

In the garden

It gives vigor to the surrounding plants, its pungent smell repels many predators while its flowers attract pollinators (bees, butterflies …) and hoverflies (formidable predators of aphids) as well as ladybug larvae.

Its decoction (100g of flowers for 1l of water) accelerates the formation of compost, which then fertilizes the garden …, or (diluted at 1 to 10) acts as an anti-fungal treatment. .. In short, Achillea millefolium is a real manna for the gardener! I made liquid manure that tomatoes and lemon trees greatly appreciate!

In the kitchen

it is an edible plant, to flavor dishes or mixed in salads.

Has a dried flower in a salad album.

Flower that decorates the ruin
Without a glance to admire you!
I plucked your white cheesecloth,
And I carried on my chest
Your perfumes to breathe them.

Today, sky, temple, shore,
Everything has disappeared without return
Your perfume is in the cloud,
And I find, turning the page,
The dead trace of ‘a beautiful day!

Extract from “ Has a dried flower in an album ” by Alphonse by Lamartine


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