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and yes love!💖

Well I’ll be frank, Valentine’s Day … that’s not my thing … 20 years ago yes, the first year as a couple … a small restaurant, and maybe the following ones … I don’t don’t remember too much! 😇
We are in our 22nd year of love and almost 1 year of marriage, ⠀ but I believe in love every day and every day in showing it, with my heart, my daily actions, yes that I believe it!!

I went to find the origin of this tradition which seems to come from antiquity and which is cold in the back … for women …

At that time, the Lupercalia (pagan festival) was celebrated between February 13 and 15 of each year. 🔥

A feast much less romantic than our Valentine’s Day.
A goat was then sacrificed in the cave in which, according to legend, the wolf had suckled Romulus and Remus. 🐺

Coated with the blood of this goat, the young men of good family then ran the streets to whip the women with thongs of skin. 😳😱

Objective: to make them fruitful! It is also on this day that the young people drew lots for the name of the one who would be their partner for the rest of the year …

and you, you celebrate it? Do you know its origin?

couronne de fleurs séchées personnalisée avec mot en fil d'aluminium

Sweet words✨

So as I like to celebrate love, I take advantage of this Valentine’s Day atmosphere to present you the sweet words crowns, which we can order to measure at any time of the year! 🤗⠀
I even thought of the names of the lovers for the big day? kitsch or not kitsch ??

ah, love, … a little intimate as a subject 😅, but I believe that this energy of love, whether it is filial or friendship or for life or not … to share it is to give meaning to this life, right?


Un bouquet qui donne de l'énergie
brightly colored bouquet

The PASSION Bouquet

Red: passion, strength, energy, love
Yellow: cheerfulness, warmth, tone, dynamism
Rose: innocence, seduction, youth, femininity, happiness

Does this bouquet reflect my feelings? oops …. 🙃
and yours? At the moment? How are you?

herbier pâquerette

The daisy 🌼

Bellis perennis, that of the garden, Bellis sylvestris that of the woods.

It has already been in flower for at least 3 weeks this year if you have observed your lawn!

The flower that announces spring! It evokes renewal, simplicity, modesty …

Symbol of love and affection, the joy of loving and absolute tenderness, the daisy always speaks of love: “I love you, a little, madly or not at all”. 💓

It is the favorite bouquet of children, the daisy seduces all mothers !! a little 😍in comment to tell me that you too she seduces you! 🤗

Properties ☀:
She’s the queen of skin problems.
The oily macerate has a toning and firming effect on the tissues.
To cleanse the skin and restore vitality, a simple infusion, to be applied with a cotton pad every day, will contribute to the radiance and good humor of the epidermis (altheaprovence).

It also has anti-hematoma properties. (Valnet)

It is edible and purifying and has the following constituents: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vit A and a little protein. (Weise) 🤓

In the garden it helps the soils in process of decalcification (Ducerf).

🌼So this little flower, so common, it is amazing, right?

Petits bouquets secs que l'on garde, avec fleurs séchées et stabilisées


Red: passion, strength, energy, love
White: purity, balance, serenity and freshness
Rose: innocence, seduction, youth, femininity, happiness

Colors and plants which symbolize love 💓, this small bouquet of condensed happiness, at & nbsp; @le_triporteur_ & nbsp; @ cloudsucré and on my e-shop! and Discover the Full Love offer on le Triporteur and Sweet Cloud .

Have a good weekend and be well !!

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