eucalyptus ecological dried flower wreath

“It is at the deepest place where the water is the most calm.” Shakespeare.

To look, to probe, to find one’s self at the bottom, to close your eyes and to dive, to meditate.

To regain calm, to rest.

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I’m at this point right now, I’m standing at the bottom of the water and I’m closing my eyes, I’m closing my ears and I’m just hearing the thud.

Need concentration, need to make the right decisions, a fear that still tetanus me?

Search, probe, doubt again… I seek confidence, I look for the part in me that will never let go and that will give me the energy over and over again to continue… be sure that my path is the one I have to take.

I see that creation needs these moments of withdrawal, of slight transient sadness, of melancholy…

How can you always be in tune with yourself, how can you always have self-confidence?

Do you have any answers?

Today I decide to accept my emotions not to repress them, I long think I was a rock, but it’s useless, it’s just accumulating negative waves and getting rid of it is even harder after!

And you, how do you do with your emotions, what do you do when you regain consciousness of your little life inside this great planet, I waver and I faint…