Sakura  桜 / 櫻 / さくら 

 Cherry trees in Japan

 The different species of ornamental cherry trees in Japan.
And their gradient, shades of pink to white … This one is a stylized reproduction! 🌸

The transient nature of the sakura bloom has been used for centuries as a metaphor to emphasize the transience of beauty but also of life. 🥀

 spring prunus flowers


Le sakura sert ainsi à expliquer l’important concept esthétique japonais qu’est le mono no aware 物の哀れ (ce dernier pouvant se traduire par « la sensibilité pour l’éphémère »).
Le aware哀れ fait référence à la douleur ressentie par une émotion nostalgique et le mono物 à l’objet et aux choses inanimées.
Ainsi, l’expression mono no aware ferait référence à cette émotion nostalgique que l’on éprouve face à des objets qui seraient les témoins privilégiés de moments particuliers de nos vies.

flowering prunus branch 

 Contemplation of our lives

This design encourages contemplation of our lives and governs Japanese society in so many ways. (see my post on the cherry tree and its meaning all come together!)

The hanami 花 見 which consists in contemplating the beauty of flowers, is a recurring theme in Japanese poetry.
I feel extremely close to this vision, this philosophy and this awareness of the ephemeral nature of life, of death.

This is why I scrutinize and observe the buds so as not to miss any of their hatching!
Moment suspended, rare and magical! 🍃 which only happens once a year …. take advantage of it!


The way of flowers

Kadô 華道/花道

   “In matters of Art, it is advisable to follow the creative nature and to make the four seasons his companions. From what we see, there is nothing that is not flower, of what we feel, nothing that is not moon . “


 Japanese cherry blossom preserved and dried

It seems to me that Japanese floral art allows me to find answers in my way of thinking.
I am constantly in search of meaning, Ikebana means above all to give life to flowers, to make them speak for that they show us the way towards wisdom and tranquility, that suits me so much …

I am not Japanese nor Chinese but the interest of appropriating philosophies, adapting them to our time, our life, making them your own, it’s interesting, isn’t it?

For a custom tree it’s here!



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