Dryopteris filix mas🌿🍃 

 Male fern

So just a point on the photo, in my 1870 herbarium is Polystichum spinulosum. < / p>

These ferns are very old and they existed from the secondary era before the dinosaurs … It protects against the evil ones ✨😉

In herbal medicine, dryopteris hunts pernicious fevers and is merciless against parasites. 💪  🏥

In the past, victims of very high fever slept on beds of dried ferns which were then burned.

Its rhizome is used as a dewormer. Worms don’t like this at all! 🌿

Garlic strengthens the immune defenses of the parasitized body and the male fern directly attacks illegal occupants! 👍  🍃

The idea is therefore to start with the fern then the garlic will take over to strengthen the defenses and help the body not to let the unwanted pass through !!!

 “Look under the fern and you will find your way”

 Maori proverb

🍀The fern in the compositions, I love it for its movement and its autumnal color! 🍃🍂🍁

French flower arrangement from the garden 

This composition, I made it in summer 2019, with the flowers from the garden! 🌿

The fern symbolizes life thanks to the unwinding of its spiral crooks, but also by its ability to come back to life even when it seems withered and dead for many years. ✨

It represents energy, awakening, growth .. ☀

In vegetable alchemy, a magic plant? 🌻✨  🌿

the fern helps to ward off invaders from your territory, whether it’s your body or your home. 🌻🌿

In the middle ages she protected against evil spirits … 👻 I

It sometimes takes a certain courage to expel exploiters tolerated until then … the male fern can then help you!


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