… Freelance in floral design

PScientifically proven, flowers activate immediate emotions in the human brain such as good humor …, joy, love … Flowers are part of life and accompany it along rituals and passages through ages.

The simple fact of being exposed to flowers, because of their varieties of shapes, colors, smells, textures … could be enough to arouse these emotions and sensations, and would explain such behavioral effects.

Sublimating a place in order to give emotion, is the starting point for the creation of L‘Atelier Chant de Fleurs.

My activity specializes in two sectors:

  • The flourishing of upscale tourist accommodation and catering structures.
  • The creation of interior decorations and wedding accessories in dried and or stabilized flowers for sale in  Decoration Shops and on my Site.

I also honor requests from individuals such as the management of the floral decoration of your wedding, unique and personalized with natural and lyrical compositions, imprints of poetry …

I also deliver surprise bouquets of local and seasonal flowers in different places.

The « Chant de Fleurs » Mission

Create atmospheres or atmospheres in harmony with the place, modern, elegant, graceful and refined that welcome customers, partners, collaborators or even family, in their universe.

This craft work is done with care, with quality flowers, local, seasonal, respecting nature, others from the garden and others from the paths …

Each staging is inspired by our rural environment and, with fresh flowers, creates original ephemeral works and with dried flowers, more durable, tailor-made works.

Hotels, Restaurants and Businesses, flowers are a reflection of your values, I suggest you work together to sublimate and embellish your already unique place.

Your customers, your partners, your collaborators, will be delighted by this flowery environment. Participating in the atmosphere of relaxation for some and of work for others.